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We work extensively with schools, universities and educational tour companies.  We can now offer both Online Experiences and  political and educational walking tours.

‘The History of The Troubles’ – Live Online Experience

In May 2020 we launched our brand new product ‘The History of the Troubles’ Online Experience.  Described in detail on it’s own page, it is a 2 hour webinar hosted by Paul Donnelly and comprising a 60 minute audio visual presentation and virtual tour of Northern Ireland which will explain the history of the conflict that we know as the Troubles and also the path to peace, followed by a fully interactive Q&A and discussion session where students can engage directly with Paul, ask questions and learn about our experiences.  Paul is a lecturer in Irish History & Politics, a practicing mediator and the ‘Top U.K. Tour Guide 2019′.  The Online Experience is hosted on the Zoom webinar platform.

The total Experience allows students to discover the background to violence breaking out in the 1960’s, the realities of growing up and living your life in the time, the peace and reconciliation work achieved in the last 20 years and what the future may bring.  We promise an enriching, amazing, engaging, educational and (at times) amusing experience.

Bespoke webinars (and even series’ of webinars) can also be designed for your students, according to their specific areas of study.  Contact us for prices.

‘A History of Terror’ – the No.1 Belfast Political Tour

Our classic city centre walking tour, described in detail on its own page.

The tour explains how the Troubles began, tells the stories of the people involved, their place in the conflict and the effect these attacks and incidents had on the city and its people. It also shows how far the city has come since the ceasefires and Peace Process.

‘A History of Terror’ is also be available in Spanish on Saturdays and Sundays for groups of 8 or more.  The tour can be run either in the morning or afternoon to suit your group’s schedule.  The guide is a native speaking Spaniard, a fully qualified tour guide who has lived in Belfast for over 20 years.

Murals & West Belfast Walking Tour

This tour visits both the Falls & Shankill Roads, the murals of both communities, memorial gardens, the peaceline and locations of significant events in the conflict.  Typical stops on this tour include:

  • Divis Tower
  • International (Mural) Wall
  • Republican Garden of Remembrance
  • Bobby Sands Mural (Sevastopol Street)
  • Cupar Way / Conway Street Peaceline
  • Shankill Road Memorial Garden
  • Bayardo Bar Memorial
  • Lower Shankill Road Murals
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Lectures, talks and workshops

Not only can we provide webinars, lectures and discussions on related subjects, but we can also facilitate tours to other areas of interest (Derry / Londonderry and South Armagh for example) and talks with a wide range of participants in the conflict from across the spectrum; community representatives, ex-combatants from both communities, ex-security forces (RUC) and politicians.
With educators in our team, we are happy to tailor and adapt the tours and activities to suit your group’s specific needs, interest and study focus. Our webinars, tours and activities are highly relevant to students studying in many disciplines, e.g. Irish & British History, Politics, Psychology, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution.

Typical subjects which we can focus on for you include;

  • Early History of Ireland and the first English arrivals
  • The Plantation
  • The Battle of the Boyne and 1690
  • The United Irishmen
  • The Famine & Industrialisation
  • The Act of Union
  • Home Rule
  • The Volunteers, World War I & The Easter Rebellion
  • Partition
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Troubles
  • The Peace Process & Conflict Resolution
  • Post Troubles Belfast & the Re-birth of a City

We can provide fully tailored itineraries for your group, from as little as 2 hours to up to 3 (or more) days of core activities.
For further information, and to discuss your requirements please contact us by email at

Private Group Tours

Both our ‘A History of Terror’ walking tour and our West Belfast Walking Tour can be run as private tours. Both tours explain how the Troubles began and the realities of life during the conflict. The path to peace, reconciliation and regeneration are also discussed, together with the challenges of the future.

Private tours can start at any time to suit your itinerary, subject to availability. Prices start at £80 for up to 3 people, group rates are available, and the tour itself can be customised depending on the group’s specific areas of interest.

We promise that we are really easy to work with and will do everything we can to make your tour perfect for your group.

To discuss your group’s requirements, please contact us by email at

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Here’s just a few reviews from study groups we have worked with:

“Thanks again for such an incredible tour – what a fantastic way to kick start a tour of Europe; truly thought provoking, balanced and incredibly accessible while perfectly detailed.”

U.S. Tour Director

“The group LOVED the tours arranged by yourselves. Our students are inquisitive learners and reflective discussions revealed the amount of information they had gained during our 2 days.  They still cannot stop talking about it. Great hit and just what a Study group should be doing.”

U.K. Tour Director

“We absolutely loved it! Thanks so much. The feedback from the artists was great, everyone got a lot from it and Paul was absolutely brilliant!”

The MAC International

“We really enjoyed the tour. It was incredibly real and well-informed, told with skill and passion. Two and a half hours flew by. Mark had such a way with the students that gave them the confidence to ask questions and engage in the tour and that was brilliant.”

U.K. History Teacher

“Our guide was absolutely amazing. His passion and enthusiasm overflowed. We were so captivated that we loved every minute. He was so knowledgeable and completely unbiased.”

R.O.I. Politics Teacher


If you want to book a private tour or if you need to ask us something first, just click on the button below to get in touch.

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