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UPDATE: September 2022 – Our ‘A History Of Terror’ tour runs every day, starting at 10.30am.  Our ‘Best of Belfast’ tour is limited to just a couple of days each week at the moment as we are very busy with private tours in September and October.  Our tours do regularly sell out during high season (especially at the weekends), so we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment!  Please check the booking calendars for availability.

Please Note: Our office will be closed from Thursday 6th October to Sunday 23rd October inclusive.  All tours are running as normal during this time.  However, responses to emails and enquiries will be sporadic and slower than usual. We have limited availability for private tours in October as we are already heavily booked. If you really need to speak to us you can still call on our office number, but be aware that one of the guides will have the phone and they don’t answer it while they are on tour, so it’s probably best to text.  Or if you have a general question about the tour, check out our FAQ page first.

You can also read about our Covid Safety Measures here.

Scheduled, private & group Belfast walking tours

A History of Terror Tour

A History of Terror Tour

Our city centre tour ‘A History of Terror’ is the No.1 Belfast walking tour.  The tour explains the history of the Troubles and the path to peace.  It was ranked the No.4 Experience in the UK at the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards in 2019. Read more….

The Best of Belfast Tour

The Best of Belfast Tour

The ‘Best of Belfast’ walking tour is packed with insider knowledge and gives you the perfect introduction to our city’s history, culture, spirit, and people.  Belfast may be best known for the Titanic and the Troubles, but this city centre tour also allows you to explore and discover what makes Belfast so special; our art, architecture, legends and landmarks. Read more….


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Meet our guides

Our guides are all locals, and experts in their fields.  Our lead guide is the UK’s ‘Top Tour Guide 2019’ (Wanderlust World Guide Awards) and we are graded 5 Stars by Tourism NI.  (And we nearly won the award for the ‘Most Authentic Northern Ireland Experience’ at the NI Tourism Awards.)

Paul Donnelly, lead guide

Paul Donzo Donnelly, lead guide on our Belfast walking tours

“I’ve been the lead tour guide at DC Tours since 2013. I love what I do because it’s real, powerful and cathartic.”

Mark Wylie, Owner & Tour Guide

Mark Wylie, owner of DC Tours

“I want my tours to be meaningful experiences where guests get to really connect with the city and understand what makes it tick.”

James Ellson, Tour Guide

James Ellson, one of the tour guides on our Belfast walking tours

“Being a tour guide gives me the opportunity to show off my beloved city and give something back.”

Gabe Nelson, Tour Guide

Gabe Nelson, one of the tour guides on our Belfast walking tours

“Every time I take visitors round the city and show them where we are now, it gives me a sense of wonder.”

Jessica Barreda, Tour Guide

Jessica Barreda, our Spanish tour guide on our Belfast walking tours

“I take the Spanish tours – I love what I do because I get to meet people and learn something every day.”


Covid-19 Safety Measures

DC Tours are ‘Good To Go’ accredited and extensive Covid-19 Safety Measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of our guests at all times.

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Our Best Selling Belfast Walking Tours

A History of Terror

Our award-winning expert guides explain the Troubles and the peace process with honesty and great insight from an entirely neutral perspective. The tour visits the locations of major events in the city centre during the most turbulent period of the conflict in the early seventies. It lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes and covers 1½ miles.


The Best of Belfast

Our Best of Belfast walking tour is the perfect way to discover what makes our city unique.  The tour allows you to explore Belfast and hear the stories and history behind our people, culture, architecture and art over a route of 1¾ miles.  Packed with insider knowledge from our local guides, you’ll also discover hidden corners of the city centre to ensure you make the most of your trip!


Read our reviews!

Read our reviews!

It was the most memorable part of a fascinating trip to Northern Ireland.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Paul was fantastic and provided background and stories that all visitors to Belfast should know. He was very courteous and left no question unanswered. This is a “do not miss” tour and my entire family recommends it.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

This tour was the highlight of our weekend in Belfast and is a must-do for anyone wanting a balanced, insightful and revealing commentary on Belfast’s recent history.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

It absolutely was one of the highlights of our trip to Belfast. We have done a lot of walking tours all over the world. This is one of the best we’ve done.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Little did we realise how this tour would help us leave two days later with the city having captured a place in our hearts.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Our guide Paul was absolutely amazing. His passion and enthusiasm overflowed, so much so that we nearly forgot how wet we were. We were so captivated that we loved every minute. He was so knowledgeable and completely unbiased. 

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

I think that a visit to Belfast and this tour is a must for every single person in Britain, to see and hear the story of the troubles in what is a corner of their nation.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

I am so grateful to Paul for the part he played in the wonderful eye opening experience that my family and I have just had. Thanks again Paul.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

This was the most thought provoking, informative and riveting tour I’ve ever experienced.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

I wanted to go on a tour which provided a great deal of insight but avoided some of the crass zoo exhibitionism or sensationalist slant which I worried the black taxi tours would lean too heavily on. I got exactly what I wanted in this tour. 

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

The tour lasted about 2 and a half hours and honestly, I could have walked around for another two hours listening and reflecting on what Paul was telling me.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

It was massively interesting, sent my head spinning with thoughts and filled me with empathy, and immensely compelling.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

An absolute must for any traveller who wants to get under the skin of Northern Ireland today.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

What an absolutely incredible tour. If you want to understand what this city is about, take this tour. Our highlight in Belfast.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Paul is nothing short of superb. Forget the Black Cabs, this is the best tour if you want to begin to understand this conflict. His ability to communicate the strategic, political and social imperatives that drove people’s actions had us spellbound.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

There is a very real reason why this tour is so popular. Paul is the epitome of the perfect guide–extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his city and its history, interesting, funny, and truly engaging.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

One of the highlights of our trip to Ireland! This tour was the first of our trip and really put into perspective the troubles within Ireland and the affects on the people. Mark’s knowledge and personable demeanour was the driving force of the tour. We have travelled all of Ireland and 18 days later continue to relate about the points Mark has made. Thank you so much!

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Excellent tour. Mark communicated the complex history of Northern Ireland in a balanced manner, weaving key incidents into a story spanning hundreds of years. The 2.5 hours flew past.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

An excellent tour- very informative and easy to understand. Recommend as a must-do activity in Belfast.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Did the tour yesterday with Paul. He is a great good, really engaging with a depth of knowledge delivered with a mix of historical fact, anecdotes and personal experience. Highly recommended to get a real insight into the history of the city.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Mark was a fabulous guide – informative and unbiased – and held our attention the whole time. Thank you!! Highly recommended for all.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Paul is a highly knowledgeable and engaging guide. You really get a sense of someone who knows every street and everyone in the city of Belfast for over a long period of time. And his humorous nature counters the often dark subject matter in a measured way. The walk itself is gentle and the radio system means that you will not miss out on a word spoken.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Travelling over from Scotland this was top of our to do list. Mark was amazing with our group. His knowledge of Belfast and the history/conflict that happened here was fantastic!!!! We learned so much from this tour and it was definitely the best thing we done whilst visiting the city. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting. Can’t wait to come back and explore the city further!!

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Awesome, sensational content & explanatory information, the guide from DC Tours was just great, such a gobsmacking history of social struggle by all. If political and social science is up your alley then this is the tour for you, only thing disappointing is that it ended! A great 2-2.5hrs!

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

I would recommend this tour. Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable, the earphones and audio packs ensure that each person taking the tour can hear everything being said. It’s difficult to pack such a history into just over two hours but you get a real feel for the troubles, the city, the causes, outcomes and people.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

This tour was one of the best that I have ever had. It was extremely knowledgeable and insightful. Having earphones to hear was great as I really wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it. I also went on the bus tour which was really good and would also recommend to see the Falls, Shankill etc., but the DC Tour was different class. Absolutely superb.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

Informative, reflective and quite simply the best tour I have ever taken.
A must do for visitors and locals alike.

Reviewer, Tripadvisor

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Read our blog!

Our blog is packed with historical stories and our guides personal reminiscences of growing up in Belfast in the Seventies and Eighties. It’s the perfect way to start preparing yourself for your trip to Belfast!

What Price Peace?

This week sees the 50th anniversary of Bloody Friday.  The most violent day of the most violent month of the most violent year of the Troubles.

Steering Us Through The Conflict

Very simply being a civilian bus driver or conductor here was an incredibly dangerous job. And just being a passenger on a bus could be a very dangerous ‘activity’.

Things To Do In Belfast On Sundays

Some people think there isn’t much to do or that the city isn’t much fun on a Sunday morning before the shops and pubs open.  But they would be wrong.  Very, very wrong.

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