Private tours

Private tours

DC Tours can also accommodate private tours for visitors to Belfast. We can start a private tour at any time and on any day. And on a private tour you will have one of our expert local guides entirely to yourself.

We can run private walking tours of Belfast any time. Chose from one of our signature tours, or let us create a bespoke tour just for you. You’ll have one of our expert local guides entirely to yourself.

You can visit the Belfast Romances mural on our private walking tours of Belfast
Discover the Cathedral Quarter on our private walking tours of Belfast
Discover the history of our city and heritage on our private walking tours of Belfast

Private walking tours of Belfast – your options

Not only can we offer any of the three signature tours listed below, we can also put together an amazing bespoke tour, tailored specifically to your requirements and interests.  Just let us know your desired date, start time, tour duration and your group size and any ideas you’d like us to include and we will get back to you with a custom-designed tour proposal and a price.  

We regularly create custom private walking tours of Belfast for groups of all sizes, right up to 100 guests.  

Or if you have your own tour bus or coach we can also offer step-on guides for an unbeatable coach tour of Belfast.

We work regularly providing private tours for:

  • Inbound tour groups
  • Small VIP groups
  • Incentive & Conference groups
  • Corporate & Community groups
  • Families & Friends groups

Private tour prices start at £175 for up to 4 guests.

Large Group discounts are available.

Our signature tours

You can take our History of Terror tour as a private walking tour of Belfast

A History of Terror Walking Tour

This award-winning city centre tour explains the Troubles and the peace process with honesty and great insight. The tour visits the locations of major events during the most turbulent period of the conflict in the early seventies.

You can take our West Belfast tour as a private walking tour of Belfast

The West Belfast Walking Tour

This tour visits the Catholic Falls Road and Protestant Shankill Road. It explains the Troubles and peace process with stops at the famous murals, memorial gardens and peacewalls between the two communities.

Best of Belfast tour

The Best of Belfast Walking Tour

The essential and perfect introduction to Belfast.  The tour is packed with stories of the city’s triumphs and tribulations; from the Troubles to the Titanic, the glories of our industrial past and stories of our most famous citizens, – our history, culture, landmarks and legends.

Read our reviews!

“Private West Belfast Walking Tour with DC Tours – fantastic experience! From our first contact with Mark Wylie to our tour of West Belfast with James Ellson, DC Tours was fantastic to work with and we would give 10 stars if we could.”

(West Belfast Tour)

Tom, Tripadvisor review

“I went on a Troubles tour with a friend, and we had Gabe as our guide. Travelling in off-season meant we had the pleasure of a private tour. We had a great time touring around the city with Gabe and learning about specific incidents, but also his own personal experiences. My friend and I both work in the Tourism industry and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend touring with DC Tours, voted #1 for a reason!”

(A History of Terror Tour)

J-Girl, Tripadvisor review

“This was hands down the best walking tour I’ve ever done. Mark was informative, funny, and personable. The content didn’t focus on one side vs another but rather a regular civilian perspective. I also really enjoyed how much of the focus was on how Northern Ireland can move forward.”

(A History of Terror Tour)

Conor, Tripadvisor review

“This was by far the best tour I’ve been on. Our guide Steve was well full of witty insights and stories and we got to discover many new parts of the city.”

(The Best of Belfast Tour)

Ann, Tripadvisor review

“It was massively interesting, sent my head spinning with thoughts and filled me with empathy, and immensely compelling. An absolute must for any traveller who wants to get under the skin of Northern Ireland today. ”

(A History of Terror Tour)

Gailusha, Tripadvisor review

“James was an absolutely fantastic tour guide, giving us a rich and thorough overview of Belfast, weaving a rich tapestry of history and personal anecdotes. We highly recommend this tour for newcomers to Belfast! ”

(The Best of Belfast Tour)

Baptiste, Tripadvisor review

“What an absolutely incredible tour. If you want to understand what this city is about, take this tour. Our highlight in Belfast. ”

(A History of Terror Tour)

David L, Tripadvisor review

“Steve’s knowledge is only matched by his humour and passion for the subject as he guides you though hundreds of years of history. Your trip to Belfast would be lacking in you did not take in this walk.”

(The Best of Belfast Tour)

Jeff, Tripadvisor review

“It was the most memorable part of a fascinating trip to Northern Ireland.”

(A History of Terror Tour)

Brendan, Tripadvisor review

“Super engaging and gives a nuanced and in depth look at the history of Belfast. A really great way to get to know the place.”

(The Best of Belfast Tour)

Noor, Tripadvisor review

“This was the most thought provoking, informative and riveting tour I’ve ever experienced.”

(A History of Terror Tour)

Angelina, Tripadvisor review

“The best walking tour I have ever been on – We had Paul as our guide! He was absolutely phenomenal. A funny and vibrant storyteller.”

(The Best of Belfast Tour)

Faithach, Tripadvisor review

“Little did we realise how this tour would help us leave two days later with the city having captured a place in our hearts.”

(A History of Terror Tour)

Derek, Tripadvisor review

“Paul really knows his stuff, it’s presented factually and impartially, and he’s a cracking storyteller.”

(A History of Terror Tour)

Sherpa, Tripadvisor review

Get in touch

If you would like to take any of our three signature tours privately, or would like us to put together a bespoke tour tailored specifically to your requirements and interests, please get in touch.  If you want a bespoke private walking tour of Belfast, just let us know your preferred date, start time, tour duration and your group size and any ideas you’d like us to include – we will get back to you with a custom-designed tour proposal and a price.