West Belfast tour

Our West Belfast tour visits the Catholic Falls Road and Protestant Shankill Road. It explains the Troubles and peace process with stops at the famous murals, memorial gardens and peacewalls between the two communities. 

Over 2 miles and 2.5 hours you will hear how the conflict we know as ‘the Troubles’ began, how it unfolded over the next 30 years and affected the two communities, what it was like to live here and how it’s legacy continues to affect the city and its people. The tour also explains the path to peace, and the challenges that still lie ahead of us.

Meeting point

Highlights include:

  • International Wall (Murals)

  • Falls Road Republican Memorial Garden

  • Sevastopol Street (Bobby Sands mural)

  • Conway Street Security Gates and Cupar Way Peacewall

  • Shankill Road Bomb Memorial

  • Shankill Road Memorial Garden

  • Bayardo Bar Memorial

  • Lower Shankill Murals

See the sights of West Belfast

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The West Belfast tour is more visual in nature compared to our ‘A History of Terror’ walking tour and is particularly popular with schools, universities and study tour groups. Want to find out more? Just get in touch.