Jamesy joined us back in July 2020 and has been amusing and enthralling our guests with his stories ever since.  Here’s a few of his top tips too:

My favourite restaurant:

Deane’s Meatlocker

My favourite café:

Ground at Victoria Square

My favourite bar:

The Duke of York

Favourite thing to do with the kids:

Go to the pub now that they’re both over 18

Favourite building:

Queen’s Lanyon Building

Favourite museum:

Ulster Museum, I pretty much grew up in that place!

Favourite escape from the city:

The Mournes, one of my happy places.

And if you ever get him as a guide on your tour, try to remember that in 1982 James learned the capital of every country in the world for a bet. He claims he can still name most of them, so why not put him to the test!?