If you follow us on social media I’m sure you’ve seen the groups from schools, universities, conferences and companies out on private tours with us.

But did you know our private tours are not just for large groups? They are also a great way for you to see Belfast at a time that suits you. And you get the guide all to yourselves!

Tour group in front of Belfast City Hall

Tour group in front of Belfast City Hall

When you’re planning your trip to Belfast (or perhaps planning to have friends or family here to visit), booking a private tour with us will give you the chance to get a really personal experience of Belfast’s history and culture.

It’s perfect for couples wanting to explore the city together, for families who want to show relatives a bit more about Belfast’s history, or for groups of friends looking for a really unique experience. A private tour with us will almost certainly be the highlight of your Belfast trip – we have the customer reviews to prove it!

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Tailored to your interests

We can help you to put together a tour that reflects your interests, and one where you’ll have every opportunity to ask your expert guide whatever questions you want.

Whether you want to learn more about our city’s history and its path to peace, see the murals or discover hidden gems in the city centre, we’ll make sure your experience will be absolutely unique.

Tour group at the River Lagan, Belfast

Donzo at the Queen’s Bridge in Belfast

Flexible scheduling

Your trip, your way. We understand that tight schedules don’t always allow guests to join us on our morning tours, so our private tours mean you can choose the time that suits you best, any day that fits your itinerary, (we can even start the tour at your hotel if you’re in the city centre). So long as we get at least a week’s notice, we can usually book you in at a time that suits you (But the more notice we get, the better!).

This means you won’t have to squeeze your trip into a tight schedule, but instead you can take your time to explore the city at a pace that suits you.

Donzo taking a tour group by the River Lagan.

Donzo taking a tour group by the River Lagan.

Expert guides at your service

What sets us apart is our team of expert local guides, each with a deep connection to the city and the stories to match. Their personal anecdotes and depth of knowledge will add a special touch to your tour.

Taking a tour in a private group offers you a completely personal experience, whatever size your group is, making for a more memorable tour.

We also use Vox headsets, which means no straining to hear your guide over street noise or because you’re at the back of the group. You won’t miss a word the guide says.

Donzo at the City Hall.

Donzo at the City Hall.

Take one of our signature tours – or create your own!

While we offer a range of signature tours that highlight Belfast’s landmarks, culture, and history, we also offer the option to create a totally bespoke tour.

Our signature tours are:

  • A History of Terror Walking Tour – This award-winning city centre tour explains the Troubles and the peace process with honesty and great insight. The tour visits the locations of major events during the most turbulent period of the conflict in the early seventies.
  • The West Belfast Walking Tour – This tour visits the Catholic Falls Road and Protestant Shankill Road. It explains the Troubles and peace process with stops at the famous murals, memorial gardens and peacewalls between the two communities.
  • The Best of Belfast Walking Tour – The essential and perfect introduction to Belfast.  The tour is packed with stories of the city’s triumphs and tribulations; from the Troubles to the Titanic, the glories of our industrial past and stories of our most famous citizens, – our history, culture, landmarks and legends.

Want to do a mix of elements from the tours? Do you have a particular interest in an aspect of Belfast’s history? Our bespoke tour option means your visit will be unlike any other. Just let us know what your interests are and we’ll happily tailor a tour for you.

We can create tours from a one hour whistle stop to a full day out, so just let us know how long you’ve got and what you want to learn about.

Donzo taking a private tour of West Belfast to explain the murals.

Value for Money

Considering the level of customization, expert guidance, and personal attention we offer, our private tours offer really exceptional value.

Starting from just £175 for up to 4 guests, and with large group discounts available too, pricing is structured to ensure they are within the reach of all group sizes. Whether you’re a couple or a larger group, a private tour represents great value for money.

We are the only historical walking tour in Belfast to be rated ‘5 Stars’ by Tourism NI, and we are a sustainable tourism company, signed up to the Green Tourism Business Scheme and holding their Silver Award. All our tour routes are fully accessible and wheelchair friendly.

Tour group on High Street Belfast

Crossing High Street towards Sugar House Entry

A trip to remember

So if you’re looking for a wee bit more than just a day out in Belfast and you would like to make your trip as meaningful as possible, you might want to consider a private tour with us. It’ll be tailored to your interests, led by expert guides (who also happen to be great crack!), and designed to fit perfectly into your travel plans.

You can find out more about our private tours here, or just drop me an email at cu@deadcentretours.com and I’ll be happy to help you create a really unique and memorable experience for your Belfast trip.