No, there are no political murals or peacewalls in the city centre where the tour takes place.  ‘A History of Terror’ tells the story of the Troubles and path to peace while visiting seven locations in Belfast city where major events took place in the early 1970s. 

There are few physical reminders of the conflict left in the city centre, but through the rich and detailed story-telling of your guide, the tour is undoubtedly the most meaningful and accurate way for you to discover the history of the Troubles in Belfast. 

You will discover some of the best examples of non-political street art in Belfast on the tour while also witnessing the resilience and regeneration of Belfast and it’s people.

But I really want to see some murals!

If you REALLY want to see the murals and the peacewalls contact us for a private tour or download our ‘Murals, Peacewalls & More’ Self-Guided Tour of West Belfast on our DC Tours Belfast app.