What happens if I need to cancel?

We understand - sometimes a cancellation is unavoidable. If you've booked directly with us, we offer a full refund if you cancel with more than 24 hours notice .  Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund if you cancel with less [...]

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What happens if I’m late?

Please try to get to the meeting point 5 or 10 minutes before the start of your tour. It gives you a chance to find your guide and get to know them a bit before the tour starts, which is [...]

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Are there toilets available?

The tour begins at Belfast City Hall, which has accessible toilets for the public.  There is no dedicated comfort break during the tours, but if you let your guide know he will organise one for you at a convenient café. [...]

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Do you limit the group size?

In off season tours rarely sell-out and 6 to 10 guests is a typical number of guests.  In high season we will limit the tour group to a maximum of 25 guests normally.  We use the world class Vox Tour [...]

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How do I find the guide?

Your guide will be wearing a black jacket or t-shirt with the ‘DC Tours’ logo on their left breast.  They don’t carry branded umbrellas because everyone else does.

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Where can I park?

On street parking in Belfast is limited to 2 hours and so is no use to you for the duration of the tour, except on Sundays when on street parking is totally free. We recommend a choice of 2 high-rise [...]

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Should I tip my guide?

Tips are by no means obligatory, but if you feel that your guide has given you an amazing experience feel free to tip them. It will mean a lot to them!

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