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About Mark Wylie

Mark is the owner of DC Tours. Born and raised in Belfast, after achieving a degree in Social Anthropology & Archaeology he has had a varied and chequered career. Doorman, hospital A&E receptionist, concert stage manager and recruitment consultant (that was the worst one) are all on his CV. Tour guiding is definitely the best job he's ever had.

Peace and Beyond 2023

In April we participated in a week-long international arts and cultural programme hosted by the British Council Northern Ireland called Peace and Beyond 2023: The Role of Arts in Divided and Polarised Societies to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

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Meet Suki, the latest DC Tours mascot!

It's the start of the tourist season, Belfast is busier than ever and here at DC Tours we are girding up our loins, lacing up our walking shoes and preparing for another summer of fun and hard work. So what better time to get a new DC Tours mascot?

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DC Tours’ big night out at the Belfast Telegraph Business Awards!

A few weeks ago we got the exciting news that we had been named as finalists in the 2023 Belfast Telegraph Business Awards. Last night we put on our tuxes and went to the awards ceremony at Belfast's Crowne Plaza. We knew the competition was stiff, but that has never held us back - and besides, any excuse for a night out!

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Silent Testimony

Belfast artist Colin Davidson's exhibition 'Silent Testimony' is on show at the Long Gallery in Stormont until the 30th of April, so we took the opportunity to revisit this powerful series of paintings.

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DC Tours shortlisted for the Belfast Telegraph Business Awards

We are absolutely delighted to have been named as finalists in the 2023 Belfast Telegraph Business awards. While we have won many specialist tourism awards (including UK Tour Guide of the Year), this is the first time we have been shortlisted for a business award so we are pretty chuffed to say the least!

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Donzo features in BBC Newsline piece on the Good Friday Agreement

We were recently approached by BBC Newsline's Sara Girvin with a great idea she had for a feature on the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. She wanted to take a group of young people from the "Peace Generation" (born after the agreement was signed in 1998) on a trip across Belfast to find out how they felt about the changes that have taken place in Belfast over the last 25 years.

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What Price Peace?

This week sees the 50th anniversary of Bloody Friday.  The most violent day of the most violent month of the most violent year of the Troubles.

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