Colin Middleton – Belfast’s surrealist painter

There are plenty of us who would say that you need to have a fair level of surrealism about you to live in Belfast. But Colin Middleton, who is the subject of a new exhibition in the Ulster Museum, was once described as Ireland’s Greatest Surrealist, so this show bound to be worth a visit.

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We are finalists in the Arival Spotlight Awards!

We are absolutely delighted to be named as finalists in the Tour Innovator category of the Arival Spotlight Awards, our first ever global award category. We are the only finalists representing the UK and Ireland across all five categories.

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Peace and Beyond 2023

In April we participated in a week-long international arts and cultural programme hosted by the British Council Northern Ireland called Peace and Beyond 2023: The Role of Arts in Divided and Polarised Societies to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

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Meet Suki, the latest DC Tours mascot!

It's the start of the tourist season, Belfast is busier than ever and here at DC Tours we are girding up our loins, lacing up our walking shoes and preparing for another summer of fun and hard work. So what better time to get a new DC Tours mascot?

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Silent Testimony

Belfast artist Colin Davidson's exhibition 'Silent Testimony' is on show at the Long Gallery in Stormont until the 30th of April, so we took the opportunity to revisit this powerful series of paintings.

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What Price Peace?

This week sees the 50th anniversary of Bloody Friday.  The most violent day of the most violent month of the most violent year of the Troubles.

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Tales From The Tours

People often ask me “what makes a good tour?”, but this is inevitably from the perspective of the participant. Recently I was asked the question “what makes a good tour for a guide?” And that is a bloody good question.

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Belfast & Branagh

The DC Tours phone rang on Monday, and I answered professionally and courteously as usual. Nadia, a pleasant woman with a posh London accent, quickly explained that BBC Breakfast wanted to interview me as a Belfast tour guide and historian about the Kenneth Branagh film ‘Belfast’.

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