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About Paul Donnelly

Paul Donnelly is DC Tours lead tour guide. A qualified teacher, mediator and international tour guide, he has delivered DC Tours programme for 8 years. He has won a number of prestigious awards including ‘Top UK Guide’ at Wanderlust’s ‘World Guide Awards’ in October 2019.

Tales From The Tours

People often ask me “what makes a good tour?”, but this is inevitably from the perspective of the participant. Recently I was asked the question “what makes a good tour for a guide?” And that is a bloody good question.

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Belfast & Branagh

The DC Tours phone rang on Monday, and I answered professionally and courteously as usual. Nadia, a pleasant woman with a posh London accent, quickly explained that BBC Breakfast wanted to interview me as a Belfast tour guide and historian about the Kenneth Branagh film ‘Belfast’.

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Ghosts Of Christmas Past

The sprouts have wreaked (reeked?) their havoc, the remaining turkey has been curried and the tree shoved back up its hole, it is time to reflect on the Christmases past. Every year should be a learning year and whilst it has been an ‘annus horriblis’ to borrow a phrase, this year I have learned several things

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The Millisle Kinder Farm

During the Second World war a derelict farm in Millisle, County Down, would become home to hundreds of Jewish refugee children fleeing the war in Europe.

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Dr. William Drennan

Dr. William Drennan, a United Irishman centuries ahead of his time in many ways, comes under the microscope of our lead guide Paul Donnelly.

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