Peace and Beyond 2023

In April we participated in a week-long international arts and cultural programme hosted by the British Council Northern Ireland called Peace and Beyond 2023: The Role of Arts in Divided and Polarised Societies to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

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Tales From The Tours

People often ask me “what makes a good tour?”, but this is inevitably from the perspective of the participant. Recently I was asked the question “what makes a good tour for a guide?” And that is a bloody good question.

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Dr. William Drennan

Dr. William Drennan, a United Irishman centuries ahead of his time in many ways, comes under the microscope of our lead guide Paul Donnelly.

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Meet The Tour Guides – James Ellson

The latest in our series of guide interviews - James explains why he became a tour guide, what he loves about the job and tells us about his favourite things to do and places to go in Belfast and beyond.

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The Belfast Blitz

Donzo looks back at the impact of the Belfast Blitz. How and why it happened and how it is remembered (or not) in the city to this day...

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The Forgotten Troubles Memorial

Belfast is famous for its murals, many of which commemorate or memorialise the victims of the Troubles. But why are there so few memorials in the city centre, where so many of the attacks happened?

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